Dining in Cilento

In Cilento, a family‚Äôs clothesline is more than just a place to hang wet clothes. It is a generational symbol that represents sons, daughters, grandparents, and grandchildren, tied together, by tradition, by love…and by food.
At Casa Civitas, it is no different. Our hand-made food comes from soil cultivated by generations, cooked by family, and served at our family table, with you.

From our family farm

The family farm is nestled in between the mountains surrounding the Caves of Castelcivita.
The olives used to make our pure extra-virgin oil come straight from those hillside groves where mountain waters flow naturally over roots.
From our fields we also gather crisp vegetables, fresh legumes and aromatic herbs to use in all our rustic soups and peasant side dishes.

All our past is hand-made

All our pasta is made at home, by gentle hands, under the strict supervision of nonna Peppa.
She is in charge. She checks the dough. She watches the measurements, not from a recipe, but from generations of mother-to-daughter memory. She makes sure each raviolo is perfect.
At Casa Civitas home made pasta is the only pasta that Nonna Peppa allows us to serve.


  • My husband and I ate lunch at Casa Civitas three times in a week and had our breakfast coffee there five times. The food is wonderful, the ingredients are from the family farm and prepared with great skill and local authenticity ... If you are looking for great food in a lovely family cafe all at a very reasonable price, Casa Civitas is for you ...

    Casa Civitas – Home cooking away from Home
  • What a special place to have dined after visiting the caves. We were hesitant, thinking it was just a touristy place to eat. It is a family run restaurant with homemade pasta from Nonna! The food was fabulous!

    This is NOT a touristy restaurant!
  • At first sight, you can think it's a turistical restaurant and it's not the case at all. The food is just delicious ans the welcome is so warm. Whan you're look at the menu, you'll want to tatse all the dishes, that are really "casalingua"-like. Go there, you can't be disappointed.

    Just great !
  • I really enjoyed the food on my trip to Italy last summer, but eating at the family-owned "Ristorante Grotte" was an outstanding experience! The nonna makes the pasta herself and I swear that you can taste the love in the dishes, which were delicious and authentic. The owner was extremely kind ... I will definitely be back one day!

    Best restaurant on my trip to Italy!
  • Everything was so great I do not know where to start. Home made everything including the pasta! The flavors and dishes were just amazing. The owners have lived in Castelcivita for generations and they be are very knowledgeable about the area and are so kind and happy to provide information ... All reasonably priced.

    Everything was perfect!

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